Introducing the Ricicle Cards Blog

Well, hello and welcome to the Ricicle Cards blog!

Even before launching in January 2020, I always knew that I didn't just want Ricicle Cards to solely be an online shop - I wanted to showcase behind the scenes, share insights into the greeting card industry and have a platform to interview some of my favourite retailers and buyers.

Alongside that, I’m excited to share some of my passions and hobbies with you outside of the greeting card world - recipes (I hope you like cupcakes!), gift guides, city guides, plus spotlights on some of my favourite independent brands. 

For those of you new here, I thought I'd introduce myself a little more and hope that it doesn't sound like a French oral exam from school (spoiler alert, it's going to). My name is David and I'm the owner of Ricicle Cards. I live and work in my studio in Clevedon, North Somerset and am lucky enough to be a short ten-minute walk away from the sea. I've worked within the greeting card industry for six years and in January launched the company at Top Drawer in London. Ever since I can remember, I've loved everything about stationery. Freshly sharpened pencils, a brand new notebook and greeting cards that carry so much love when they're sent and received. One of my passions is in paper and print and for years I've relished in understanding the amazing techniques and processes that we use here in the UK to bring beautiful design to life.

So, with that, welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy reading!

With love,

David xo

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  • Kele on

    A freshly sharpened pencil though! 😍 .. I used to love that back to school stationary shop.

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