About me

Hello and welcome to Ricicle Cards!
It's lovely to meet you, I'm David, the designer, founder and proud small business owner of Ricicle Cards! I love to create exciting, contemporary and beautiful greeting cards.
I've always thought that a greeting card, whether it's for a birthday or just to say 'hello' is like sending a hug in the post. Surprising someone with some post that's handwritten can spark so much joy - both for you and the recipient! That's where my passion comes from - to create bright and colourful cards using beautiful luxury card stocks.
I get asked a lot where the name came from and how to pronounce it and it's always a fun conversation starter! It's a combination of mine and my husband's last names. Before we married, I was Nichols and he was Rice. Together, we are the Ricicles - I knew instantly that it would be the perfect name for the brand. 
The majority of the cards are designed by me but I also really enjoy collaborating with wonderfully talented artists from across the world to create collections. I really hope you like them!
I proudly print every card in England, using GF Smith papers milled in the Lake District. We also care deeply about this little planet of ours, so all of the materials we use are FSC certified. Our cards are packed using 100% recyclable materials too - you won't see any plastic in your deliveries!
Thank you so much for supporting my small business!
With love,
David xo